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Tibetan Wordprocessor • Tibetan Language Learning Software
Software for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Contact: info@clearlook.com

Clearlook Word Processor

  • Traditional word processing functions
  • Document structure for desktop-publishing
  • Special functions for Tibetan script and scripture layout
  • Font for Tibetan U-chen script with Sanskrit stacks

Standard version: freeware
Text-Pro version: activate with licence key

Tibetan Up-to-Date

Learn to type Tibetan and listen to the correct pronounciation with this multi-media application!
Tibetan Up-to-Date is an electronic book based on the Clearlook word processor. It contains a skillful introduction to theTibetan language:

  • Introduction to the Tibetan script and language
  • Instructions for typing in Tibetan with excercises
  • Basic Tibetan vocabulary
  • Clearlook Word Processor standard version

Tibetan Up-to-Date: 30 days free, then activate with licence key

Download (6MB)

  • Contains the Clearlook word processor Standard + Text-Pro
  • Thesaurus + spell-checker for US and UK-English
  • Font Rabten Tibetan with 1700 glyphs for Tibetan + Sanskrit stacks
  • Tibetan Up-to-Date interactive eBook with writing exercises
  • Soundfiles for Tibetan pronounciation

Tibetan Wordprocessor Tibetan Language Learning Software
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